Marketing Strategy

Email is the hardest worker in your marketing toolkit. Like all things digital, it’s constantly evolving. At WDGT, our team includes wicked smart people who specialize not only in email marketing content strategy and planning, but also in using data to understand consumer preferences. We spend a lot of time thinking and talking about what makes an effective email today — and shaping our strategies to maximize engagement.

Content Strategy & Planning

Keeping your audience interested and subscribed is our top priority. Strong content strategy brings together a mix of tactics that not only attract new subscribers but keep them engaged over the long term. We customize plans for every client and every business, depending on your goals, your audience, and your budget.


We specialize in email, so our copywriters and designers have a keen understanding of the form and its particular balance of best practices, trends, technical specs, and branding. We build beautifully designed, highly relevant emails — the kind your audience will be excited to open, read, and click. We also keep accessibility top of mind, and we’ll meet your audience wherever they read. On a smart phone in dark mode? We’ve got you.

Campaign Management

Email marketing is complex. WDGT’s campaign managers are here to keep track of all the moving parts — from content planning to delivery — and make sure your campaigns execute smoothly. If something goes wrong, we’ve got the know-how to fix it. We’re here to remove obstacles.

Growth & Acquisition

It's not just a cliché; when it comes to lists, it really is quality over quantity. The best email programs target and cultivate subscribers who want their emails.

We'll craft acquisition strategies specific to your business, attract the right subscribers, and build a receptive customer base — so your emails not only resonate, but also drive results. For us, it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. (Okay, yeah, another cliché.)

Analytics & Insights

WDGT is a savvy band of email wonks and strategic thinkers. We’re always going to lean into data because, when it comes to email, it's the results that matter. We crunch numbers and use the insights they provide to drive all our content, creative, and process decisions — so our emails work harder, faster, and better every time we hit send.


Email is the most measurable channel available to marketers. And while it has always been important to measure how individual people are interacting with your email, recent changes in consumer privacy controls have made reporting more complex than ever. WDGT will help you navigate these industry shifts and work with you to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure our reporting is capturing the right data.


The best reporting is useless unless it comes with strategic insight — so you can use it to optimize your content and increase engagement. At WDGT, our content strategists will work with your analytics team to deliver actionable insights, from segmentation to content. No internal analytics team? We can provide both reporting and analytics.

Best Practices Consulting

In more than 20 years of building great email, we’ve developed a very particular knowledge and skill set. From ESPs to roadmaps and copywriting to deliverability — we know what it takes to optimize email. And we’re always watching out for trends, shifting best practices, and new technology, so you can focus on other things and trust us to tell you when it’s time to make a change.

Email Service Providers

The number of email service providers (ESPs) seems to grow every day, so which one is right for you? At WDGT, we know our ESPs. From selecting the specific provider that will best meet your needs to IP warming and migration, we’ll help you navigate the ESP gauntlet.


Pop quiz: Which compliance law applies to your email marketing — GDPR, CASL, or CCPA? Likely more than one. Compliance may sound like dull stuff, but it’s about mitigating risk. Luckily, we’re here to ensure your emails meet all the necessary regulations — so you can focus on the other, more interesting aspects of email marketing.


Just getting your message delivered encompasses a whole host of factors, from sender reputation to SPAM filters to list quality. We’ll help you identify the potential issues and smooth the way, so your email reaches your audience — and you can optimize your marketing campaigns.


Email marketing technology is rarely a one-stop shop. From leveraging data across multiple sources and platforms to highly personalized inbox visuals, there’s an abundance of integration options to help create more engaging email experiences. Our team will help you identify the opportunities and incorporate them into existing systems seamlessly, so you get maximum impact with minimal stress.

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