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Meaghan Peters, Mike Deneen

Funnily enough, WDGT is kind of a spin-off of Ingredient, our sibling food marketing company — and kind of not. Which is to say that it’s been in the making for a couple of decades.

For years, our Ingredient clients have trusted us with their ideas, their goals, and their challenges and we’ve worked side-by-side to help them connect with their customers. Great email campaigns have been one of the ways we do that. In fact, we’re so good at email that when our esteemed colleagues leave their food-related jobs for other industries, they often reach out to us for help with their email marketing. And of course we want to work with them, too. So much so that we’ve launched WDGT (say Widget), a whole company that does nothing but email and works in all industries, not just food.

Oh, but now we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Why are we so good at email? Because we’ve quietly been in the email marketing industry for more than 20 years. For email, that’s basically forever. During that time, we’ve worked with small local companies and big, global companies, creating everything from B2B communications with highly-targeted subscribers to B2C campaigns for global brands.

And, yeah, decades into it, we love email more and more every day. Because despite the many, many, many declarations over the years that some new app or social network has sacked email and left it for dead, we are actually living through a glorious time for email — and more than ever, it’s a critical part of successful marketing programs.

Here are some pretty compelling reasons to get excited about email marketing:

  • Everyone uses email. In fact, 95% of consumers check their email every day.

  • You’re not paying for eyeballs. Subscribers opt in, indicating they want to hear from you. You don’t have to pay for placement or try to outwit an algorithm.

  • It’s endlessly customizable. Your content can be tailored to a targeted audience, leading to more relevant connections.

Bottom line? Email generates an average ROI of $36 for every dollar spent. That’s higher than any other channel.

Of course, great email requires a special skill set and knowledge base. At WDGT, we bring together nerdy technology, brilliant content strategy, and engaging creative — a veritable tiger team of email experts.

Just as importantly, we understand the role of email in our clients’ marketing mix — it’s one component of a larger ecosystem. And that’s how we envision WDGT: a partnership that can plug into your company’s programs and processes to provide help where you want it most. We make email easy. And we build it with beautiful, contemporary designs and engaging content, so your audience will click for more. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Our clients respect us because we know what we’re doing, and they love working with us because we care about their email programs and their success as much as they do. We realize that trust is something special, a solid foundation for us to build the next 20 years on — as WDGT.

Interested in talking about WDGT or your email marketing efforts? Visit https://wdgt.co for more information, or give us a shout at hello@wdgt.co — we live for this stuff.